Adrenal Function Videos

Adrenal Function and Cannabis

Why is taking any form of cannabis not a good idea for anxiety? I explain how cannabis changes how you respond to stress–not in a good way.

Adrenal Function and the Stress Response

Adrenal function is crucial for survival. It’s made up of several systems that respond to any and all stimuli from our environment. Chronic stress causes this system to break down.

Adrenal Function and Skin

The adrenals regulate the immune system and how you respond to stress. Find out why stress provokes autoimmune skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and hives.

Adrenal Function and Metabolism

Cortisol regulates metabolism. It was named a glucocorticoid hormone in 1954 when they figured out it regulated blood sugar. But cortisol doesn’t just regulate how we metabolize carbohydrates. As part of the adrenal stress response, it also controls how we metabolize protein and fat.

Adrenal Function And Hormone Replacement Therapy

Asthma and Adrenal Function

It’s always been clear stress worsened asthma, but studies also show low cortisol levels cause asthma. Maternal stress can predispose children to asthma and other autoimmune conditions.

What is adrenal fatigue? Does it exist?

Many physicians despise the term adrenal fatigue. The arguments is there can only be something wrong with the adrenals if there is something wrong with the gland itself. Find out more in the video…

Endurance Sport and Adrenal Functions

An ultramaranthoner is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Depression, anxiety, and bipolardisorder are associated with irregular cortisol levels.  Find out more in the video…